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Labor In Norway Part 2

Neither me or Arild feel cheated of our birth experience. Of course I wish he were there with me and of course I wish I could have had Pia with me at all times after she were born, but that's how labor is, sometimes things don't go the way we plan. 
Early the next morning, I was awoken and given oxycontin. As much as I hate pain medicine - narcotics especially, I did want to heal faster and I wanted to do as I was told, so I took it. I was reunited with Pia and called Arild to come back to the hospital. 
I think what I hated most about having a C-section wasn't the pain of the recovery, but that wasn't the worst pain I've ever experienced, though it wasn't unbearable, it was not being able to move around and being more dependent on others to help me. 
In my birth plan, I had written if I were unable to make any informed decisions about the labor or birth, Arild is to do so. Pia needed to be fed, she also was required to be in NICU. The midwife asked if Arild wante…