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Taking A Break: A Post On Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

It has only taken me nearly 8 months of denial to come to terms with having Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. The depression part is diagnosed, but anxiety is only self-diagnosed as of now, but I'm sure my therapist will say the same. Generally, I think people should be more open about mental illness. There's a huge stigma surrounding mental illness. There's nothing wrong with speaking aloud about diabetes or high blood pressure or cholesterol, so why does a chemical imbalance in the brain have to be so different?

I believe this stigma also prevents people from seeking out the help they need and prolonging their treatment. However, I am a HUGE hypocrite. I've been scared to tell anyone. I have been in denial for several months. Even after my doctor suspecting me having PPD and referring me to a midwife who works with PPD in women, I was still in denial. I mean, I absolutely love and adore my baby. I feel connected and bonded to my baby, how could I possibly have this,…