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Finding a job in Norway

I occasionally have people send me messages asking how they can move to Norway or how to find jobs when moving to Norway. Most of them are optimists and wish to land a job upon, or before moving. I once did this too when I was preparing for the move. I would find blogs about Norway, contact the writer and ask questions. Though maybe I wasn't as optimistic as some who have contacted me, I did have my concerns about the job market. More specifically, my chances of finding a job being a recently transplanted American having weak Norwegian speaking skills.

The answers I received were worse than I feared. It's difficult to find a job here, it takes time, learn the language very well. At the time of moving here I was a recent college graduate with every sense of hope that I would find a job hopefully in a related field to what I studied and pay down on my student loans. Fortunately for me my student loans aren't as much as they could be. I received scholarships and grants mostly…