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Finding a Happy Place

Despite it being a winter wonderland *I'm joking!*, the 5 Nordic countries generally lead the world as the happiest countries. Last week, CNN posted a report on the World's Happiest Nations. Denmark leads the world with 1st place, which isn't surprising. Norway is number 2. Sweden is number 5, followed by Finland as number 7 and Iceland as number 9.

So what makes these nations so happy? Just from my own experience of living here, I can easily say that generally Norwegians at least are a laid-back, easy going group of people. Is this a natural disposition or is it the society that encourages it?

The Fox

The latest craze here in Norway, which is making itself international is this video and song. This is from Norwegian comedians Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker, who have a TV show which premiers in the fall here called I Kveld med Ylvis.

Earlier in the week when I first heard it on the radio I couldn't quite understand what I was listening to. At first I certainly didn't realize this was a comedy song and I was under the impression it was just something strange on the radio. I was curious and wanted to google it later, so I wrote down what I thought the lyrics were in a note on my phone. Let's just say I didn't understand the word they were really using was fox!!!

Enjoy!!!! :-)

Feeling 16 Again

Friday last week I took my driver's test. It really wasn't as bad as I thought and I have had an American driver's license for 8 years, so I felt quite prepared. I felt extra prepared since in the previous months my husband would criticize my driving until I fully understood the Norwegian driving rules -particularly the roundabouts and yielding from the right traffic rules. Of course paying for a few driver's lessons were an extra help as the instructor pointed out my strong and weak points when driving and told me everything they look for on the test. :-)

Even though the whole driver's test cost roughly $731 total - including the driver's lessons I paid for, it was still MUCH MUCH cheaper than it would have been if I had waited to take it. Plus, had I waited I would have had more tests to take such as driving theory and "glattkjører" or slick driving. I think it should be STRONGLY encouraged for new coming Americans in Norway to take their driver'…